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Welcome to Ultraleap Docs

The Ultraleap Docs site provides documentation, setup information, and design guidelines for developing with our tracking and mid-air haptic technology.

The site includes guides for hand tracking, designing for XR, and making kiosks touchless. Explore our resources and inspiration to help you create with our technology.

Hand Tracking | Meet Your Digital Hands

Your hands are powerful natural tools honed by millions of years of evolution. Here’s how our hand tracking captures all their subtlety and complexity.

Find out more about our world-leading hand tracking hardware and software.

To design for hand tracking, you’ll need either a Leap Motion Controller or Stereo IR 170 camera module, and our hand tracking SDK, available for Windows. Legacy versions are also available for Mac and Linux.

Haptics | How our virtual touch technology works

Discover how our haptic technology creates the sense of touch in mid-air – and see it in action in VR, automotive and digital out-of-home advertising.

Find out more about Ultraleap’s haptics hardware and software.

To add mid-air haptics, you’ll need either a STRATOS Explore or STRATOS Inspire haptic module. Both come with a Leap Motion Controller included, so this single unit is all you need for both hand tracking and haptics. They also require the Ultraleap Haptics SDK to run.

Support or Contact

Having trouble or general questions?

Check out our support center or contact us and we’ll help you sort it out.