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This site includes our TouchFree User Manual, design guidelines for XR, and our Ultralab developer blog.

Explore our resources, be inspired, and create with our world-leading hand tracking technology.

To design for hand tracking, you’ll need an Ultraleap Hand Tracking Camera and our latest Hand Tracking Software.

Hand Tracking | Gemini 5.2 Is Here

Our world-leading Hand Tracking Software just got better. Ultraleap Gemini V5.2 is the most robust, flexible hand tracking ever.

There’s never been a better time to develop with Ultraleap tracking technology.

Haptics | How our virtual touch technology works

Discover how our haptic technology creates the sense of touch in mid-air.

Find out more about Ultraleap’s haptics hardware and software.

To add mid-air haptics, you’ll need either a STRATOS Explore or STRATOS Inspire haptic module. Both come with a Leap Motion Controller included, so this single unit is all you need for both hand tracking and haptics. They also require the Ultraleap Haptics SDK to run.

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