TouchFree User Manual

Welcome to the user manual for TouchFree and TouchFree Tooling for Web and Unity.

Here you can find all the details on setting up TouchFree, interaction settings, user interface settings, as well as design guidelines and a technical glossary.

Our TouchFree software uses hand tracking data to generate an on-screen cursor that users can control touchlessly. This touchless gesture control allows easy, intuitive, and clean interaction with kiosks and digital displays.

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How it Works

TouchFree Application

TouchFree Application runs invisibly on top of existing user interfaces. You can retrofit systems without needing to modify your existing application’s user interface, or changing a single line of code. It provides a cursor that users control touchlessly and communicates with Windows’ input system to control your application.

TouchFree Application can also be used to evaluate the capabilities of TouchFree in advance of integrating TouchFree Tooling into your own Web or Unity applications.

TouchFree Tooling

TouchFree Tooling enables Web and Unity developers to integrate TouchFree’s touchless technology into their target applications as native features. More detailed information, and Quick Start Guides, can be found in the TouchFree Tooling packages for Web and Unity.

TouchFree Service

TouchFree Service is the engine of TouchFree and is required to power both TouchFree Application and applications integrated with TouchFree Tooling.

The TouchFree Service converts hand movements, provided by Ultraleap’s hand tracking cameras, into positional data. TouchFree Application or your own kiosk application can use this to represent a cursor on-screen.

TouchFree System Diagram

System Requirements

To run TouchFree we recommend the following system specifications:

TouchFree is only compatible with Windows

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