Development & Interaction Design: XR Bootcamp Lecture

How can you work with Ultraleap technologies? What development tools will help you create an application or experience? What are the best ways to user-test your creation?

To answer these questions this lecture, aimed at developers and designers, takes you behind the scenes at Ultraleap.

Given in October 2020 as part of the XR Bootcamp Hand Interactions Pro Event Series, watch it here to get expert insight from our engineers.

John Selstad (Principal Software Engineer)

John covers how to get started with the Ultraleap Interaction Engine and core development tools. John also discusses interacting with objects at a distance.

Chris Wren (Global Applications Team Lead)

Chris takes you behind the scenes of our Crystal Cave multiplayer room scale demo. Learn more about social interactions, connecting users with each other and the environment, and creating a sense of presence.

Hannah Limerick (User Research and Insights)

Test, test, test! Hannah shares testing insights from our VR autonomous vehicle experience. You’ll learn about the value of user testing and how users are always surprising you.

For a unique perspective on advanced hand tracking, check out our other lecture in this series from Tom Carter (Chief Technology Officer and Founder).