How To Get Started With The Hands Module

We recently released our new Hands Module, a Unity module that helps you bind our tracking data to your own hand assets.

You can now import customized hand models and have them work with our world-leading hand tracking.

You can also iterate between whatever modelling package you’re using (for example Autodesk Maya or Blender) and the live hand models in Unity.

Skeleton hands Outline hands Ghost hands

Don’t have your own hand models? We have optimized and rigged hand models you can choose from. Very handy.

Follow the tutorial video or check out our step-by-step guide below to get started.

10 Steps To Getting Started With The Hands Module

  1. Import the Unity Module Package into your Unity project.

Download Unity Modules Package 4.8.0 to get the latest releases of:

  • Our Core Unity Module

  • Hands Module

  • Interaction Engine

  1. Add the LeapHandController prefab to the scene.

  2. Add a hand model manager component and create a new field in the model pool of the hand model manager.

  3. Add a left and right hand 3D Model under the hand model manager GameObject. You can invert the scale of a left hand model on the x-axis to make it look like a right hand, and vice versa.

  4. Add a hand binder component to each of the hand models.

  5. Drag and drop the left and right hand binder components to their respective fields in the hand model manager. Be sure to tick the Is Enabled box.

  6. Press Bind Hand on both the left and right hands.

  7. You can also drag and drop a GameObject from the scene into the slots on the hand binder. The dots on the hand turn green once they are bound.

  8. Press the button to Calculate Rotation Offsets.

  9. That’s it! Your hands are now bound with Leap data.

Setting Up Your Camera Module

The tutorial assumes you’ve got your Ultraleap camera module (either a Leap Motion Controller or Stereo IR 170) up and running.

If not, check out our set up guide below:

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