Ultraleap Hand Tracking Overview

Ultraleap hand tracking skeleton hands

Ultraleap’s hand tracking technology is the world’s fastest and most accurate.

The hardware itself is relatively simple. The magic is in our tracking software and Interaction Engine, which combine to give users a seamless, intuitive, immersive experience.

How it works


Ultraleap Hand Tracking Cameras have two infrared cameras and multiple LEDs. The LEDs illuminate your hands with infrared light invisible to the human eye. Image sensors send the data back to the computer via USB to track your hands.

The light and cameras both operate within a narrow range of the near–infrared spectrum, so they are robust in a range of environments and lighting conditions.


Ultraleap’s Hand Tracking Software models the underlying structure of the hand at the level of the joints and bones. This means the software can accurately pinpoint the position of a finger or thumb, even if it’s hidden from view.

Ultraleap hand tracking skeleton hands

Our SDK features a C–style API called LeapC. LeapC is designed for accessing tracking data from the Hand Tracking Service, as well as creating bindings to higher–level languages.

Integrations for the Unity and Unreal engines are built on this API. An official binding for C# is available, along with legacy bindings for C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Objective–C.

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