Class ULeapComponent

class ULeapComponent : public UActorComponent

Public Functions

void AreHandsVisible(bool &LeftIsVisible, bool &RightIsVisible)

Utility function to check if a hand is visible and tracked at this moment

void GetLatestFrameData(FLeapFrameData &OutData)

Polling function to get latest data

Public Members

FLeapDeviceSignature OnLeapDeviceAttached

Called when a device connects to the leap service, this may happen before the game starts and you may not get the call

FLeapDeviceSignature OnLeapDeviceDetatched

Called when a device disconnects from the leap service

FLeapFrameSignature OnLeapTrackingData

Event called when new tracking data is available, typically every game tick.

FLeapHandSignature OnHandGrabbed

Event called when a leap hand grab gesture is detected

FLeapHandSignature OnHandReleased

Event called when a leap hand release gesture is detected

FLeapHandSignature OnHandPinched

Event called when a leap hand pinch gesture is detected

FLeapHandSignature OnHandUnpinched

Event called when a leap hand unpinch gesture is detected

FLeapHandSignature OnHandBeginTracking

Event called when a leap hand enters the field of view and begins tracking

FLeapHandSignature OnHandEndTracking

Event called when a leap hand exits the field of view and stops tracking

FLeapVisibilityBoolSignature OnLeftHandVisibilityChanged

Event called when the left hand tracking changes

FLeapVisibilityBoolSignature OnRightHandVisibilityChanged

Event called when the right hand begins tracking

FLeapPolicySignature OnLeapPoliciesUpdated

Event called when leap policies have changed

FLeapImageEventSignature OnImageEvent

Event called when a device image is ready. Requires setting image policy first

FLeapEventSignature OnLeapServiceConnected

Event called when the leap service connects. Will likely be called before game begin play so some component won’t receive this call.

FLeapEventSignature OnLeapServiceDisconnected

Event called if leap service connection gets lost. Track won’t work if this event gets called.

TEnumAsByte<ELeapMode> TrackingMode

Tracking mode optimization

FLeapTrackingModeSignature OnLeapTrackingModeUpdated

Event called when leap policies have changed