Class UIEGrabClassifierComponent

class UIEGrabClassifierComponent : public UActorComponent

Manages logic for Grabbing, based on the Unity Interaction Engine equivalent

Public Functions

void UpdateClassifier(const USceneComponent *Hand, const TArray<UGrabClassifierProbe*> &Probes, const bool IgnoreTemporal, const bool IsLeftHand, const float DeltaTime, const bool IsGrabbed)

Logic for grabbing, called from blueprint, implemented in C++ for simplicity and parity with C#

void ForceReset()

Force reset of the grab state, used when grab state in BP is forced on tracking lost without this, a spurious ungrab event from the grab classifier will occur on tracking found

Public Members

FGrabClassifierParams Params

Grab classifier behavior, initialised in blueprint

FGrabClassifierGrabStateChanged OnIsGrabbingChanged

called when the grab state has changed