Class FUltraleapTrackingPlugin

class FUltraleapTrackingPlugin : public IUltraleapTrackingPlugin

The public interface to this module. In most cases, this interface is only public to sibling modules within this plugin.

Public Functions

virtual void AddEventDelegate(const ULeapComponent *EventDelegate) override

Attach an event delegate to the leap input device loop

virtual void RemoveEventDelegate(const ULeapComponent *EventDelegate) override

Remove an event delegate from the leap input device loop

virtual void SetOptions(const FLeapOptions &Options) override

Set Leap Options such as time warp, interpolation and tracking modes

virtual FLeapOptions GetOptions() override

Get the currently set Leap Options

virtual void AreHandsVisible(bool &LeftHandIsVisible, bool &RightHandIsVisible) override

Convenience function to determine hand visibility

virtual void GetLatestFrameData(FLeapFrameData &OutData) override

Polling method for latest frame data

virtual void SetLeapPolicy(ELeapPolicyFlag Flag, bool Enable) override

Set a Leap Policy, such as image streaming or optimization type

virtual void GetAttachedDevices(TArray<FString> &Devices) override

List the attached (plugged in) devices

virtual void ShutdownLeap() override

Force shutdown leap, do not call unless you have a very specfic need