Class LeapInternal::MemoryManager

class LeapInternal.MemoryManager

Public Static Attributes

static bool EnablePooling = true

Specifies whether or not a pooling strategy should be used for the internal MemoryManager. If enabled, memory will be periodically recycled to be used again instead of being deallocated.

An object may be reclaimed from the pool at any time on the worker thread. If you are running into issues where an object you are working with is being overwritten, consider making a copy, or turning up the MinPoolSize.

static uint MinPoolSize = 64

Specifies how many objects of a specific type need to be in the pool before they will start to be recycled. Turning this number up can help prevent issues where objects you are working with are being overwritten with new objects. Turning this number down can reduce the total memory footprint used by the memory manager.