Class Leap::Unity::Space::LeapSpace

class Leap.Unity.Space.LeapSpace : public Leap.Unity.Space.LeapSpaceAnchor

Subclassed by Leap.Unity.Space.LeapRadialSpace

Public Functions

void RebuildHierarchy ()

Call to traverse the entire hierarchy and rebuild the relationship between anchors. Call this whenever any of the following happens:

  • An anchor is created

  • An anchor is enabled / disabled

  • An enabled anchor is destroyed

  • The relative position in the hierarchy of any two anchors changes.

void RecalculateTransformers ()

Call to update all transformers in the space. Call this whenever any anchor or parent of an anchor changes it’s transform.

virtual abstract Hash GetSettingHash ()

Get a hash of all features in this space. This is useful if you want to know if anything has changed about the settings of this space.


List<LeapSpaceAnchor> anchors { get; set; }

Returns all active anchors in depth-first pre-order