Class Leap::Unity::ConnectionMonitor

class Leap.Unity.ConnectionMonitor : public MonoBehaviour

The ConnectionMonitor class monitors the connection to the Leap Motion service and displays a sprite in front of the camera when a connection is not available. You can use the PluginLeapNotice sprites in the LeapMotion/Textures folder or create your own.

Public Members

LeapServiceProvider provider

The LeapServiceProvider in the scene.

float fadeInTime = 1.0f

The speed to fade the sprite alpha from 0 to 1.

float fadeOutTime = 1.0f

The speed to fade the sprite alpha from 1 to 0.

AnimationCurve fadeCurve = AnimationCurve.EaseInOut(0.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f)

The easing curve.

int monitorInterval = 2

How often to check the connection.

Color onColor = Color.white

The fully on texture tint color.

float distanceToCamera = 12.0f

The distance of the notification sprite from the camera in world units.