Class Leap::Unity::Animation::TransformTweenBehaviour

class Leap.Unity.Animation.TransformTweenBehaviour : public MonoBehaviour

This is a wrapper MonoBehaviour that demonstrates and exposes some of the basic functionality of the Tween library. Tweens can interpolate between more than just Transform properties, so don’t be afraid to roll your own.

Public Functions

void PlayTween ()

Tweens play forward by default, but at any time past the starting state they can also be played backwards to return to the starting state. See the tween property for more direct control of this behaviour’s tween.

void StopTween ()

Stops the underlying tween and resets it to the starting state.


Tween tween { get; set; }

Returns the Tween object the TransformTween behaviour produces on Start().

Use this to play or otherwise manipulate the animation.

class FloatEvent : public UnityEvent<float>