Class IgnoreColliderForInteraction

class IgnoreColliderForInteraction : public MonoBehaviour

Causes any Colliders located on the same GameObject to be ignored by the Interaction Engine. Does not affect parents or children. It is recommended that you use this component only with trigger colliders.

Colliders are still be visible to PhysX, so they can be used, for example, for collision against scene geometry, or for raycasting. However, the Interaction Engine will not allow Interaction Objects to be grasped or hovered by checks between hands and this collider, and soft-contact forces will not be applied on this collider.

There is one important caveat: If the colliders are NOT triggers, they may still experience depenetration forces from PhysX against hand or controller colliders while those colliders are not in soft-contact mode (which activates when hands or colliders intersect objects beyond a certain depth). This inconsistency is immaterial when the ignored collider is a trigger.