Touch Plane


Users interact by touching an invisible mid-air plane in front of the screen.

TouchFree Touch Plane Gif

Like Air Push, Touch Plane provides a familiar, and intuitive interaction method for first-time users.

Users quickly learn the distance of the Touch Plane from the screen. Interacting with this virtual 2D plane gives users touchscreen-like control. Events cannot be triggered at any other distance from the screen. This provides extra security against accidental interaction.

How it Works

Users move a cursor over their on-screen target by moving their hand up/down/left/right, then push their hand past the Touch Plane to select. Users may need the retract their hand to release the selection.

Touch Plane begins interacting as soon as the user has passed the plane.

The general public will use a variety of hand poses to interact with the kiosk. They can use their whole hand or any number of fingers extended whilst pushing their hand forwards to make a selection.


Adjustable Touch Plane distance

Touch Plane distance from the screen can be adjusted, allowing you to tailor it to your audience and use case. This is explained in greater detail in the Interaction Settings page.

Adjustable tracking position

As Touch Plane is suitable for interactions that are close to the screen, and via any hand pose, the default tracking position is the ‘Nearest Bone to Touch Plane’. However, you may change this to the index finger tip to tailor it to your audience and use case. This is explained in greater detail in Interaction Settings.

Scroll and Drag

Touch Plane can provide drag and scroll events, meaning content that is currently scrollable via a touchscreen will also be scrollable via TouchFree. This is a setting that is enabled in the Interaction Settings page.