Hover & Hold


Users hold the cursor still for a short period of time to trigger a click event.

TouchFree Hover and Hold Gif

User testing indicates that Air Push feels more natural for most users, but with the Hover & Hold interaction, users can get to grips with a touchless kiosk very quickly.

How it Works

Users simply move their hand anywhere in the interaction zone to move the cursor. When they stop moving, the cursor momentarily locks in place and shows a short timed animation, before activating any button or UI component that’s present.

Hover & Hold uses the position of a user’s hand to judge whether they selecting or moving the cursor into position. As such, it works with a range of hand poses, and can be initiated from anywhere within the interaction zone.

The general public will use a variety of hand poses to interact with the kiosk. They can use their whole hand or any number of fingers extended to make a selection.


Adjustable Timings

Hover & Hold offers adjustable timings to change the speed of the interaction allowing you to tailor it to your audience and use case. This is explained in greater detail in the Interaction Settings page.

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