Air Push


Users push their hand towards the screen to trigger a click event.

TouchFree Air Push Gif

This is TouchFree’s default interaction method and recommended for most kiosk interfaces and sizes.

Ultraleap research indicates that it is a natural, familiar, and intuitive interaction method that can be learned and executed very quickly by first-time users.

Air Push is recommended for button pushing/tapping, and is well suited to public kiosks with user interfaces largely made of buttons.

How it Works

Users move a cursor over their on-screen target by moving their hand up/down/left/right, then push their hand forward to select.

Once their hand starts moving forwards, users only need to cover a very short distance in order to execute a “push” and select a button in the UI.

Air Push uses the velocity and direction of the user’s hand to judge whether they are selecting or moving the cursor into position. As such, it works with a range of hand poses, and can be initiated from anywhere within the interaction zone.

The general public will use a variety of hand poses to interact with the kiosk. They can use their whole hand or any number of fingers extended whilst pushing their hand forwards to make a selection.

Air Push works at any distance from the screen because the forward motion can be initiated anywhere within range of the camera.


Scroll and Drag

Air Push can provide drag and scroll events, meaning content that is currently scrollable via a touchscreen will also be scrollable via TouchFree. This setting can be found in Interaction Settings.

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