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Interaction Types

TouchFree has two interactions: Air Push and Hover & Hold

Ultraleap recommend using Air Push because our research suggests this is the preferred way of interacting in mid-air when using kiosks. Users describe it as familiar, intuitive, and natural.

Hover & Hold is an alternative interaction that may be suitable for certain kiosk experiences and contexts, such as interfaces that users are unlikely to use on a regular basis and which include very few buttons that need to be selected to complete a task.

Air Push

Using Air Push is like using a touchscreen, but without actually touching the screen.

Air Push interaction for touchless technology public screens

This is Ultraleap’s recommended interaction method for most kiosk interfaces and sizes.

Users move a cursor over their on-screen target by moving their hand up/down/left/right, then push their hand forward to select.

Once their hand starts moving forwards, users only need to cover a very short distance in order to execute a “tap” and select a button in the UI.

Ultraleap research indicates that it is a natural, familiar, and intuitive interaction method that can be learned and executed very quickly by first-time users.

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Hover & Hold

Users move a cursor over the button they want, then hold still for a short amount to select it.

Air Push interaction for touchless technology public screens

With the Hover & Hold interaction, users can get to grips with a touchless kiosk very quickly. However, testing indicates Air Push feels more natural for most users and work is ongoing to improve Hover & Hold’s viability for different types of kiosks.

Holding their hand anywhere in the interaction zone, users simply move their hand to move the cursor. When they stop moving, the cursor momentarily locks in place and shows a short, timed animation, before activating any button or UI component that’s present.

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