Interaction Types

There are three interaction types available in TouchFree: Air Push , Hover & Hold and Touch Plane

These can be selected on the Interaction Settings screen.

Air Push

Users push their hand towards the screen to trigger a click event.

Users “push” their hand towards the screen to select buttons or other UI elements. The cursor will follow the user’s hand and a click event will be triggered when Ultraleap’s tracking cameras recognise a push action. Our tracking software can distinguish a push action from a wide variety of interactions. Once a user’s hand starts moving forwards, it only needs to cover a very short distance in order to execute a click event. This can happen at any distance from the screen within the interaction zone.

TouchFree Air Push

Air Push is our recommended interaction type and the default interaction type in TouchFree.

Our research suggests people prefer the Air Push interaction method when using touchless kiosks. There is little-to-no learning curve and users describe it as familiar, intuitive, and natural.

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Hover & Hold

Users hold the cursor still for a short period of time to trigger a click event.

Hover & Hold is an alternative interaction type that may be suitable for certain kiosk experiences and contexts. Interfaces that include very few buttons that need to be selected to complete a task, and that are not used regularly might be suitable for Hover & Hold.

Users simply move their hand anywhere in the interaction zone to move the cursor. When they stop moving, the cursor momentarily locks in place and shows a short, timed animation, before triggering a click event.

TouchFree Hover & Hold

Hover & Hold requires the hand to be still for a small delay before an action is performed, so the end-to-end user experience time is likely to be longer than the equivalent experience using the Air Push or Touch Plane interactions. Some users prefer Hover & Hold as there is less forward movement required by the hand to complete an action. This can reduce the likelihood of cursor drift in some setups.

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Touch Plane

Users interact by touching an invisible mid-air plane in front of the screen.

Touch Plane is our newest interaction type. Like Air Push it requires the user to “push” their hand towards the screen to select buttons or UI elements.

However, Touch Plane emulates a touchscreen, simulating a plane at a defined distance from the screen. When the user meets the midair plane with their hand the click event is activated. Unlike Air Push, Touch Plane click events are only activated at the defined Touch Plane distance.

TouchFree Hover & Hold

Users can move the cursor anywhere in the interaction zone but a click event will only be triggered when they move their hand through the Touch Plane.

The distance that the Touch Plane sits from the screen can be set in the TouchFree Service Settings screens.

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