TouchFree Design Guidelines

With TouchFree and TouchFree Tooling you can customize many aspects of the touchless user experience.

How should you choose the right cursor colour or interaction type for your touchless interactive kiosk? How can you create instructional content and interactive elements for the best user experience? Our touchless design guide covers all this and more.


For almost everyone touchless interaction will be a brand new way to interact with kiosks, which they have never tried before.

If implemented correctly, the first experience with a touchless kiosk can be quick, engaging, and intuitive for most users. These usability tips help make sure your users’ first touchless kiosk experience is a good one.

Call To Interact

Ultraleap have carried out real-world research to find the most effective way to onboard first-time users of touchless interfaces. The instructional elements we recommend attract user attention, bring users into position, and teach them how to interact.

We call these elements the “Call to Interact”. Follow these design recommendations for a smooth and efficient onboarding process for your users.

Camera Position Visualizer

The Ultraleap Camera Position Visualizer (CPV) tool generates a visualization of the 3D interaction zone for the Ultraleap hand tracking camera you’ve chosen.

You can visualize different screen sizes and orientations to simulate your kiosk setup. Try different camera module placements to find the best position and angle for your needs by modelling the tracking zone and field of view.

You do not need an Ultraleap Hand Tracking Camera to use the Camera Position Visualizer. Explore the CPV to help decide which Ultraleap camera best meets your requirements.

Camera Placement

Our detailed guide for the most common Ultraleap Hand Tracking Camera positions. This guide includes camera tilt recommendations, advice on where cameras should be placed relative to your screen, and field of view information for both the Leap Motion Controller and Stereo IR 170.