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Touchless Interfaces Design Guidelines

Self-service kiosks and out-of-home digital screens are everywhere, from malls to supermarkets to hospitals. Across the board, touchscreens are the primary user interfaces for these devices.

But there are now widespread concerns among consumers about the health risks of touching shared surfaces. People still value the convenience of interactive kiosks and digital out-of-home screens – but they want to be able to interact with them in ways that do not involve touching a surface.

For more information, see Ultraleap’s report on consumer attitudes to hygiene and public touchscreens.

Ultraleap’s hand tracking technology allows customers to add mid-air gesture control to self-service kiosks through the addition of a Leap Motion Controller or Stereo IR 170 camera module, and even to quickly retrofit existing touchscreen devices through our TouchFree software.

The result is a self-service kiosk that can still be used as a touchscreen, but which also supports gesture control. Customers can use the entire user interface without once touching the screen – instead making their choices with simple mid-air hand movements.

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