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Testing Hand Tracking

Once you’ve positioned the Ultraleap camera module, we recommend opening the Leap Motion Control Panel and using the Visualizer to confirm that hand tracking is operating as expected.

Hand Tracking Good Example

  1. Connect the Ultraleap camera module via USB and ensure the Leap Motion Control Panel is running.
  2. Check the Leap Motion Windows system tray icon is running and green.
  3. In the Leap Motion Control Settings panel, open the Visualizer to confirm hands are being tracked. Move your hands around to each corner of your display to confirm hands are in range of the camera.
  4. Wrists should be visible at the bottom of the image, if they’re not, you will need to click Reverse Orientation in the Control Panel’s Tracking tab.
  5. Once you’re satisfied with hand tracking and camera module positioning, ensure you disable Auto-Orient Tracking in the Control Panel’s Tracking tab (hit Apply to save these settings).
  6. Now open TouchFree.exe to see the Welcome Screen and begin setup.

Hand Tracking Bad Example

If the hand skeleton is not tracking correctly, consider adjusting the position of your Ultraleap camera module, based on the camera module placement guidelines.