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Table of contents
  1. Welcome Screen
  2. Quick Set Up (recommended)
  3. Manual Set Up
  4. Measurement Notes
  5. Checking your Screen-Camera Setup

Welcome Screen

Launching TouchFree.exe will show the Welcome screen to start configuration.

TouchFree Welcome Screen

Select Setup Camera to start configuring the Ultraleap camera module for your kiosk or digital display.

Select your mounting position.

TouchFree Mounting Camera Screen

You can launch this screen again by giving TouchFree focus (select it in the Windows menu bar or Alt+↹ to it), then pressing the ‘C’ key on your keyboard.

Selecting Quick Setup takes you through three screens to get a TouchFree cursor on screen.

TouchFree Set Up Screen

This process informs TouchFree where your Ultraleap Camera module is placed, relative to your screen.

TouchFree Quick Set Up Screen

Position your finger directly over the target shown on screen, press the ‘SPACE’ key on your keyboard to progress.

TouchFree Quick Set Up Screen

TouchFree Quick Set Up Screen

Note: Quick Setup will approximate your kiosk-camera physical setup, but if you have known measurements, we recommend you also use Manual Setup to make adjustments.

Manual Set Up

Manual Setup lets you refine your setup with known distances and angles for your kiosk screen and camera position.

TouchFree Advanced Set Up Screen

Measurement Notes

TouchFree Measurement Notes

Distances for relative screen-camera placement are taken from the bottom-centre screen pixel row, to the top centre of the Ultraleap camera module.

TouchFree Measurement Notes

Regardless of Bottom/Top camera mounting:

  • Angle toward the screen (away from user) is positive value
  • Angle away from the screen (towards user) is negative value.

Angles are measured relative to the horizontal plane.

Checking your Screen-Camera Setup

TouchFree Advanced Set Up Screen

If the cursor does not seem correctly aligned with your hand, you can refine settings in Manual Setup, or Retry Quick Setup.

To check your calibration use the Check Setup button. Move your hand to each corner to confirm cursor alignment and test out the buttons.

TouchFree Advanced Set Up Screen