Getting Started

Before installing TouchFree make sure you have set up your Ultraleap Hand Tracking Camera, and installed our Hand Tracking Software.

Installing TouchFree

The TouchFree download package includes the TouchFree Application and Service.

Install TouchFree by running the installer. This will add the Service as a Windows Service to your machine. It will launch on startup and run silently in the background.


When configuring TouchFree, it is important to do so within an administrator user account to ensure write file access is granted.

Launching TouchFree

If the TouchFree Application is not already open, launch it from your Windows Start menu. Select it on the Windows Taskbar to open the user interface Welcome Screen.

TouchFree App Menu

When launched, TouchFree may already be running in “cursor mode”, which means that the TouchFree user interface is minimised to the taskbar to allow only the overlay cursor to be shown. To open the user interface to change settings, click the application icon on the Windows Taskbar.

TouchFree Application Taskbar

The TouchFree Welcome Screen

TouchFree Welcome Screen

Selecting Set Up TouchFree takes you to the TouchFree Service Settings area, which will allow you to configure global settings such as camera position and orientation, interaction settings, and more.

Outside of the TouchFree Application you can either search for TouchFree Service Settings in Windows, or right click on the TouchFree Service Tray icon in the Windows system tray and select Service Settings.

TouchFree Service Startup TouchFree Service Taskbar

Select User Interface Settings to configure settings specific to the TouchFree Application, such as cursor properties and the optional Call To Interact.

The TouchFree Service Settings

TouchFree Service Settings

Within Service Settings you can navigate to Setup Camera, Interaction Settings and Advanced Settings. These are global settings that impact all touchless applications, whether that’s the TouchFree Application or your own build.

TouchFree Service Settings page also includes an indicator to let you know whether an Ultraleap Hand Tracking camera is connected.

Advanced Settings should only be used if you know that you need to change the file location for your Setup Files for your specific use case.

Setup Camera

Configure TouchFree to suit your physical setup by selecting Setup Camera. We suggest you begin with Quick Setup to get started.

TouchFree Setup Camera

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