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Table of contents
  1. User Interface Settings
  2. Cursor Settings
  3. Cursor Colour Customization
  4. “Call to Interact” (CTI)
  5. Saving, Loading, and Sharing TouchFree Setups

User Interface Settings

The cursor appearance and interaction method for TouchFree can be edited in User Interface Settings.

TouchFree Advanced Set Up Screen

TouchFree User Interface Settings

Cursor Settings

These settings are available when Air Push interaction is selected.

TouchFree Cursor Settings

Additional settings are shown for Hover & Hold, to customize interaction timings.

TouchFree Cursor Settings

Cursor Colour Customization

Cursor colour and opacity can be customized using the Custom option in the User Interface Settings screen.

TouchFree Cursor Settings

Values for colour use standard Hex Colour Codes.

“Call to Interact” (CTI)

TouchFree includes an option to provide customers with graphical information about how to operate the kiosk. This displays when the kiosk is not in use.

We refer to this as the “Call to Interact” or (CTI).

CTIs can be used to help the user understand how to interact with your kiosk, and to emphasise it can be operated in a TouchFree way! In Call to Interact settings, you can enable/disable CTI, configure the inactivity activation / hide timers and select which CTI file to use.

TouchFree CTI Settings

You can choose how the CTI is closed, either by hand presence, or by the user performing the chosen interaction.

A static image (.png) or movie file (.webm) can be added as a CTI overlay. This can be shown after a period of inactivity, to encourage users to interact with the kiosk.

TouchFree Air Push touchless interaction

Example Ultraleap CTI movie files are included for reference.

See the Configuring the Call to Interact section of the TouchFree README.txt for more details.

For more information on designing your Call to Interact, and providing Instructional information, please refer to our Design Guidelines.

Saving, Loading, and Sharing TouchFree Setups

The Manage Setup Files screen allows you to save and load your TouchFree setup.

TouchFree Welcome Screen

TouchFree Manage Set Up Files

Your Setup can be shared with other TouchFree installs by copying the Setup files from/to the SavedSetups location on disk: \TouchFree_Data\StreamingAssets\SavedSetups