Quick Setup

In the TouchFree Service Settings you can configure TouchFree for your Ultraleap Hand Tracking Camera and screen.

Select Quick Setup to go through simple steps to configure TouchFree.

Choose Your Camera Mounting Position

First, select the mounting position for your Ultraleap camera.

TouchFree Camera Mounting Position

The default will be the “Below” setup, but select the position that matches how your camera is mounted.

Set the Size and Position of the Virtual Screen

Next, you’ll configure the dimensions and position of your virtual TouchFree screen.

In Step 1 a target will appear in the bottom centre of the screen.

TouchFree Quick Setup 1

Position your finger directly over the target as shown on screen and press the Space Bar to progress.


To increase the accuracy of the setup, it is recommended that you actually touch the screen directly on the targets. Ensure your finger remains in position until the Space Bar has been pressed.


Because TouchFree uses your Ultraleap camera to measure the screen, we suggest you make sure the camera can see all of your fingers (hold your hand open like the image on the screen). This can improve the accuracy of the Quick Setup.

In Step 2 the target will appear in the top centre of the screen.

TouchFree Quick Setup 2

Repeat the same action as before, positioning your finger directly over the target and pressing the Space Bar.

This will complete your Quick Setup, and a touchless cursor will appear on screen.

TouchFree Quick Setup Complete

You can manually adjust the setup after this stage if required.

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